Who needs a logo...when there's clip art? You do!

A logo which is simple, memorable and well designed will leave an
impression in a way that words cannot.

In the crowded landscape of the marketplace, where is your business? Does it stand out from the competition because of its unique identity? Or is it lost in the herd because your prospective customers don't know what your business is about?

Your company's logo is the face it presents to the world.

What does it say about you? Does it grab your customer's attention because it represents how you cater to your segment of the market? An effective logo can and should do all that. It should represent your business when you are not there.

A well designed logo is as effective on a business card as it is on a billboard.

A personally designed logo distinguishes your business as a unique, professional entity and sets it apart from the competition. It represents your business when you are not there, telling your audience that you are a serious player, with a professional, pulled together image.

For this reason, effective logo design requires extensive research and should be tailored to your unique business identity. Each logo I design is the result of researching not only your particular company but your industry and how you fit into it and serve the needs of your clients. There must be an honest exchange of information between us so that I may hone the project to meet and exceed your needs. You should love it; you (and your customers) will be living with it for a long time.

Much of this exchange can be done online, saving us both time and energy. If you have Acrobat Reader, I send you ideas in various stages of work, and you tell me what you like, what you don't like, and what you want changed. (If you don't have Acrobat Reader, you can download this free program from Adobe's website, www.adobe.com, available for all platforms.)

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