Photo Correction and Enhancement

Although there is no substitute for a good image, sometimes we need to improve on what we have as the photo cannot be retaken. In this first example, we have a young lady who relished her food with such gusto that neatness became of secondary importance to her. However, with Photoshop, I was able to improve On reality just a bit!

Original Photo:

.....and, after some correction and enhancement:

This one is a father-daughter collaboration.

My dad did this sketch of Gary Cooper many years ago, and although he was very creative in many ways, this is the only example of a non-mechanical drawing I have from him, made all the more poignant by his passing last year. 

First the sketch:

Here is the original photo he worked from, just about falling apart now:

And, here is my correction and enhancement. This one's for you, Dad!

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